About Us

SSI Corporation


 "Help farmers and ranchers minimize environmental concerns by doing more with less."  

  • SSI Corporation was founded in 1986 to formulate and market specialty chemicals that are "Eco Friendly" and "Organic Qualified" by using only "GRAS" ingredients.
  •  Coperlate  Algaecide/Bactericide was the first product developed for lakes, ponds, rice fields, odor control, irrigation applications, fish farms and drinking water.
  • Our first hoof care product HoofPro+ was developed in 1989 as an application for foot warts and foot rot.
  • HoofPro+ was introduced to the market at the 1990 World Dairy Expo in Madison, Wisconsin.
  • 1992 saw the development of Rotational Zinc to offer an alternative to copper sulfate, or to be used in "rotation" with copper sulfate.
  • When we were asked by dairymen to provide a product that contained both copper and zinc Healthy Foot was developed in 1998.
  • In 2000 QuickHit was developed as and "Individual" or "Topical" animal treatment and pain reliver.
  • SSI Corporation also formulates a full line of crop micronutrients used for grains, fruit and nut trees, grapes and many vegetable crops.

SSI Corporation is located in the Northeastern Colorado town of Julesburg, a rural, agriculture community of 1220 people.  We use a local workforce to insure stability and stewardship of the land.  Our location allows us to utilize Interstate Highways and the Union Pacific Railroad.

We use copper and zinc sulfate as raw materials in our products.  We can use less sulfates in our formulas then traditional products when combined with our low pH technology therefore, allowing us to enhance the performance of the copper and zinc, producing a product that does "More with Less."

We believe that success can only be achieved by working together with Farmers, Dairyman, Veterinarians, Nutritionist and Hoof Trimmers in a team approach.  We provide education as to cause and solutions to issues in our product community. 

SSI Corporation doing MORE with LESS to provide an ECO-FRIENDLY environment for all!