Causes of Foot Rot in Sheep and Goats

Contagious foot rot is caused by the interaction of two anaerobic bacteria.  The first bacterium is Fuscbacterium necrophorum which is commonly found in the soil and feces.  The second is Dichelobacter nodosus and is the primary cause of foot rot.  It is found in diseased sheep and goat feet, or in areas recently contaminated by infected animals.

There are 20 strains of D. nodosus which vary in their ability to cause foot rot.  The bacteria can live in the soil for a period of about 14 days.  It can also survive in cracks and crevices of the sheep's foot for an extended period of time.  Both bacteria must be present along with proper environment conditions to cause foot rot.

Enviromental conditions conductive to outbreaks of foot rot include warmth, moisture and an anaerobic (no oxygen) stte.  Foot rot can also be introduced into a flock by the introduction of new animals carring the disease.  The major cause of the disease is by sheep to sheep contact.

The infection starts between the toes and if left unattended will eventually undermine the sole and hoof wall.  Animals can have one or more affected feet.  Signs of infection include small areas of inflammation to animals that limp, walk on their knees or don't walk at all with a foul odor that is often present.

Other conditions related to foot rot include foot abscesses and foot scald.  Abscesses can be caused by punctures from sharp objects and are not always related to foot rot.  Foot scald is often a forerunner to foot rot.

SheepPro Zinc Formulation

SheepPro Zinc formulation is based upon an exclusive low pH technology.  A low pH base product is combined with zinc and surfactant to produce a highly effective solution.  Rapid results are achieved with a low pH of the product plus the benefits of the zinc.  Penetration of the smallest crevices and increased exposure time are a benefit of the surfactant.  The zinc contained in SheepPro is fully suspended and will not fall out of solution as traditional zinc sulfate will. 

Treatment of infected animals with SheepPro can be approached in two ways.  A direct topical spray or treatment in a foot bath may be used.  Very severe cases may require wrapping to bring about quick relief.

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