Gain Control Over Foot Warts

QuickHit was developed as a "individual" animal treatment to gain prompt control over foot warts and provide quick relief from the inflammation they cause, without the use of antabiotics.

QuickHit is a highly concentrated  formulation based on SSI's exclusive low pH technology.  The base product is combined with copper, zinc and surfactant to produce an extremely effective solution.  QuickHit works toreduce inflammation and enable the cow to walk with a more normal gait, thus promoting proper feeding, drinking and producing.  Field results by producers have found QuickHit to be as effective as antibiotics without the risk associated with them.    

QuickHit is designed to be use as a direct topical spray or drench and can also be used with a wrap for more severe cases.  It's easy to use with no mixing required.   By using QuickHit twice a day during milking you should notice significant improvement in the animal's gait within 24 hours.  Help maintain hoof health with foot baths or parlor sprays.​

QuickHit...for QUICK RELIEF!​